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A Blessed Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.   A little girl looking at her parents' wedding pictures asked her father, "Daddy, is that the day you got Mom to come work for us?"  A teacher explained magnets to her second grade class.  She asked a little boy: "My name begins with M and I pick up things.  What am I?"  To which the little boy ... more

Published: 05/13/2012  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: Mt 5: 3
Topic: Mother  |  Series: Living a Life God Can Bless  |  Occasion: Mother's Day

Featured Devotional
How old is your mother?

I'm not sure how old my mother is.  And I'm terrified to ask.  You should be as well. But I didn't know it would be even harder to know how old a baseball player is.  Have you been following baseball's latest scandal?  According to USA Today, in the last few weeks more than a dozen players, all from the Dominican ... more

Published: 03/01/2002  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: Jn 11: 25-26
Topic: Heaven  |  Series: None  |  Occasion: None

Featured Article
What's Wrong With Gay Marriage?

(ABP) -- President Obama made history with his recent endorsement of same-sex marriage. Several prominent evangelicals were quick to disagree. Why? What's wrong with gay marriage? Space does not permit exploring such controversy in detail, but we can survey the options and suggest three conclusions.   The Bible speaks to the issue of homosexuality at least six times. The first, ... more

Published: 05/21/2012  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: Homosexuality  |  Series: Faithlines  |  Occasion: None

Featured Essay
God's Top 10 Rules For Love and Marriage

Taylor Swift has been making entertainment headlines since she released her first album at the age of 16.  Her net worth is estimated at $220 million.[i]  An online magazine recently compiled "Taylor Swift's Rules About Love: A Comprehensive List."[ii]  Here are some of her rules on the subject: "I never chase boys.  They don't like it." "[Guys] can be a ... more

Published: 02/12/2014  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: Love  |  Series: None  |  Occasion: Valentine's Day

Featured Bible Study
Are Your Relationships Surrendered to God?

A biblical 12-step program for handling lust: Expect to be tempted: "The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.  So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.  Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and ... more

Published: 03/24/2005  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: Jm 4: 1-12
Topic: Relationships  |  Series: Faith at Work: The book of James today  |  Occasion: None

Featured Conference and Event
Gospel Movements and Servant Leaders: Changing the Culture for the Kingdom

This is a summary of a presentation Dr. Jim Denison made on January 23, 2014. For the complete transcript, please see the PDF version.   Religious trends in the Western world are not encouraging.  According to the latest American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), the number of Americans who describe themselves as "Christian" has dropped from 86% to 76% since 1990.  At ... more

Published: 01/23/2014  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: culture  |  Series: None  |  Occasion: None