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His Cross, Our Crown

Bangkok, Thailand boasts the greatest collection of Buddhist temples in the world.  One of the smallest, and most spectacular, is the Temple of the Golden Buddha.  The building is small, about 35 feet square, but houses an immense statue of Buddha which nearly fills it.  The statue weighs approximately 5,000 pounds, and is made of solid gold.  The gold alone is ... more

Published: 04/09/2000  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: Phil 2: 5-8
Topic: Easter, Resurrection  |  Series: What Easter Says About Us  |  Occasion: Easter

Featured Devotional
Deciding when to have Easter

Have you ever wondered why Easter moves around so much?  Why can't we pick a specific date for Easter, as we do with Christmas?  Or, if we want Easter to be on Sunday each year, why not specify a particular one?  Calculating the Lenten season depends on the date of Easter, of course.  If you thought Lenten math was confusing, ... more

Published: 03/15/2001  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: 0:
Topic: Easter, Resurrection  |  Series: Lent for the Soul and Mind  |  Occasion: None

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Lent for Baptists

(ABP) -- If you're like me, you grew up in a Baptist church where Lent was a foreign word. Like all things Catholic, it was ignored if not rejected. In recent years, I have come to see the error of our ways. I am now convinced that Lent holds enormous promise for us. This ancient discipline can be a pathway ... more

Published: 02/20/2012  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: Easter, Resurrection  |  Series: Faithlines  |  Occasion: None

Featured Essay
How to Meet Jesus

You can know God personally. The Creator of the universe made you and wants an intimate relationship with you. The way to know the Father is through his Son: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). How can you meet Jesus for yourself? Who is Jesus? ... more

Published: 01/17/2012  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: Grow in Your Faith  |  Series: None  |  Occasion: None

Featured Bible Study
Entering His Holy Presence

A more in-depth study is available in the attached lesson.   Would you agree with this statement?  "The problem with the typical morning worship service is that it starts at 11 o'clock sharp and ends at 12 o'clock dull."   Many people do agree.  According to surveys, the number one reason people drop out of church today is that its ... more

Published: 10/20/2005  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: Ps 8:
Topic: Worship  |  Series: David's Psalms for Souls Today  |  Occasion: None

Featured Conference and Event
Gospel Movements and Servant Leaders: Changing the Culture for the Kingdom

This is a summary of a presentation Dr. Jim Denison made on January 23, 2014. For the complete transcript, please see the PDF version.   Religious trends in the Western world are not encouraging.  According to the latest American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), the number of Americans who describe themselves as "Christian" has dropped from 86% to 76% since 1990.  At ... more

Published: 01/23/2014  |  By: Jim Denison  |  Scripture: None:
Topic: culture  |  Series: None  |  Occasion: None